What is
the MCL?

The MCL is an important stabilizing ligament on the medial (inner) side of your knee. It connects your thighbone and your leg bone.

The MCL provides stability to your knee against forces directed from the outer side of your knee.
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How is the MCL injured?

The MCL is typically injured by forces against the outer side of your knee driving, it inwards and stretching the MCL.

Typical injuries occur whilst getting tackled playing football, crashing whilst skiing or as a pedestrian getting hit by the bumper bar of a car.

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What are
the symptoms?

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What degrees
of MCL injury are there?

MCL injuries can range from:


Grade I

Just a strain to the ligament. There is pain on stressing the ligament but the joint is not unstable


Grade II

The ligament is stretched. There is pain with stressing the ligament and the joint opens up a little.


Grade III

The ligament is completely ruptured. There is sometimes minimal pain with stressing but the joint opens up a lot

With more severe injuries, it is important to exclude associated injuries to other ligaments (like the ACL), the cartilage surface or the bone, or the underlying meniscus. These can be detected with a thorough examination and a MRI scan.

How do you diagnose
an MCL injury?

Often a classic history of a blow to the outside of the knee is common.

There is usually focal tenderness at the site of injury. There can be pain or laxity on stressing the ligament during examination. The diagnosis is confirmed with an MRI scan.

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